Why Use Us

Why Use 20/20 Window Cleaning

Streak Free Windows
There are many people and products that claim they can clean windows streak free with their special solutions etc. But if you have gone this route you know that it isn't true. There are no special or miracle solutions on the market today. Also, there chances of scratched windows from people who are inexperienced in using razors or abrasives to remove paint, stain, cement etc… only to leave your windows damaged. Hiring a professional window cleaner will never leave you with those annoying streaks, or your windows be left scratched. Rather, they will be left looking brand new.

Longer Lasting Results
Have you ever bought expensive products that claim they will leave you with a streak free shine only to find out the next day or a week later they are a mess? Most if not all people can answer yes to that question.
It is a fact that having your windows cleaned professionally will leave you with clean windows longer than if you were to do them yourself with over the counter cleaning solutions.

Stop Further Damage
Most people don't consider the fact that windows can get damaged by not cleaning their windows. Due to the porous nature of glass, minerals and things like hard water, and acid rain, it will leave windows damaged if left untreated. Professional window cleaners have all the right stuff to remove and repair your windows if they are caught in time. If left untreated, minerals such as hard water stains will over time ruin the window where the only thing to do to fix the problem is, replace it.

Less Expensive over time
This is probably the best reason overall. Very few of us actually have the time to thoroughly clean windows so that they stay clean for a good amount of time. As a result, you end up spending a lot more on cleaning supplies over the course of a year than you would if you hired someone to professionally clean the windows. It's a whole lot easier, less time consuming and far cheaper to get your windows professionally cleaned, as you'll save money on cleaning supplies and be able to focus on other things rather than your windows